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By purchasing a gift voucher in our website, you agree to the terms and conditions below. Please read them carefully. If and when changes occur, terms will not be modified for previously purchased gift vouchers.

Using the gift voucher

Each gift certificate is a single use electronic document entitling the bearer to obtain the services described in this voucher during its’ validity period. It is the responsibility of the buyer to keep this document safe: the voucher is transferrable, and services included will be honoured to any guest showing a printed or electronic copy of this certificate at the hotel. If the gift certificate is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, it may be replaced with proof of purchase satisfactory to W Verbier as long as it has not been claimed at the time the request is done. A replacement certificate invalidating the original one is issued as a printed copy and delivered by post to the person who purchased it originally. 
The gift certificate may not be transferred for value, cash, Marriott Bonvoy points or redeemed as deposit for a future reservation, except an extend required by law. The gift certificate is only valid at W Verbier. Services including an overnight stay must be booked in advance through the hotels’ reservation department and are subject to availability as determined by the hotel. Black-out dates apply. 
You may only use the gift certificate once; after the first visit, the remaining balance in cash or services will be forfeited. Guests incurring in ancillary expenses for services other than the ones included in the certificate, whether or not operated by the hotel, must settle them in accordance to the hotels’ credit policy. 
Hotel-operated services included in this gift certificate are Marriott Bonvoy points-eligible to the extend allowed by the loyalty program terms and conditions, to the benefit of the bearers’ account if linked to an eligible hotel stay. 


About the transaction process

By using and purchasing a gift voucher through this website you accept all terms and conditions in every chapter. 

The validity of a Gift voucher is linked to our records and is associated with the unique serial number included in each voucher. A gift voucher is approved and valid for use after 100% of the payment has been received.

When choose to pay on-line by credit card, your credit card will be debited instantly. While it is your legal right to claim the transaction to the credit cards' issuing bank, you accept that, on such occasions, the gift voucher validity becomes suspended until such dispute has been resolved. All Gift vouchers, regardless of the payment method used, are non-refundable. The Code of Obligations in the Swiss law allows you to claim the value of the gift voucher during a period of 5 years, counting from the date of purchase, after which the entire amount will be forfeited.

About pre-arrival in-room paid amenities

Purchases in the section of pre-arrival in-room paid amenities of this website are subject to the acceptance of the below specific terms and conditions:

During the purchase, customers are invited to insert reservation information including Confirmation number and Guest name. If the customer is unaware of the confirmation number of the reservation, alternate information can be provided in the "comments" section of the order form such, at a minimum: guest name (first and last name) and arrival date. Customers are encouraged to contact the hotel to ensure the order is assigned to the correct guest.

Pre-arrival amenities orders are definite, non-refundable purchases. Once placed, the order may no longer be cancelled. It is important to note that, if the room reservation is cancelled, the amount collected for the amenity purchase remains non-refundable; the forfeit amount will be 100% of the purchase amount, even if such room cancellation does not have penalties linked to it according to the room reservation cancellation policy.

Because we need some time to order and/or prepare the amenity, orders are to be placed at a minimum 48h prior to arrival. On occasions when the guest is arriving earlier, the hotel will prepare and deliver the amenity during the day that follows the purchase date through this website. 

Privacy Policy

Marriott International Privacy Policy prevails. In this website, as part of Marriott International, we use and store usage data with cookies and manual input for statistics, such as IP address, device and location. All personal details provided during the purchase process are stored in a secured server to fulfil our obligations following the purchase, to the extend required by law. 

If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement, please contact us at

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